„Humanitarian project’s“

May 19, 2019


But aside from a photo journalism, we are trying not to ignore the humanitarian side, because it is not a good feeling to be only a witness and observer. In fact, in most of those special photo moments we photographers share the fate of those who we photograph. Turning our backs and leaving for safety of our homes is something that we can not and do not want to do! That is why we are committed to humanitarian projects through which we aim to help and thus continue the story with our photos.

Hope in the heart of darkness

Charity photo exhibition ‘Hope in the heart of darkness’ by Zoran Marinovic, is taking place in the atrium of the Franciscan monastery in Dubrovnik. The exhibition, which aims to help Croatian missionaries in the DR Congo, raised more than $ 100 000 dollars and was seen by over a million visitors! Several thousand visitors a day, through the the black-and-white photographs are acquainted with the life of Fr Ilija Barisic, a missionary in the Congo, who is trying in the impossible conditions to make lives of children and adults – more humane.

Sewing machines – an opportunity for a new beginning

Zoran Marinovic started the action of buying a sewing machines for the school home run by the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters in Bukavu, Congo. Adult illiterate women attending the school are the biggest victim of long war in Congo that has claimed more than 6 million victims.

After three years of education, ie literacy and sewing learning, women who undergo training have the opportunity to start a new, and hopefully better life. However, to begin with work they should have the tools for work, a sewing machine, which costs about $ 80. When we were filming a reportage about school in Congo, neither of the two hundred participants had opportunities to buy essential working tool. That’s why we started the action of buying sewing machines for the school.

With the funds raised so far through exhibits, and with the generous help and donations provided by Mrs. Kristine P. (to remain anonymous) in March we will donate sewing machines to the school in Bukavu.

Students of XV private gymnasium in Zagreb help their peers in Rwanda

Philip Volarevic and Maximilian Miljanic, students of XV Zagreb High School during the last week of school, held a series of humanitarian actions to assist in the education of children in Rwanda. With the help of photographer Zoran Marinovic and coordinator of the International Baccalaureate program, Ljiljana Crnkovic they have prepared a presentation in which they explained how important is school for children in Kivumu. Students have set up stalls and visited classes and collacted donations for their African peers, and in turn to each donor donated photographs of children and school in Kivumu. Action has raised around $ 1,000, which is enough money to educate five children in one year, and the goal was successfully achieved.